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Jinheung Brake, Accurate delivery, non-defective and high quality of goods for a reasonable price are our motto. We have provided the best service to our customers and have gained an excellent reputation


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In the contemporary car industry, Braking Technology is
demanded as Safer, Smoother and more Silent
more than before.

Jinheung Brake have developed new technology to meet this demand of 3S
(Safe, Smooth, Silent)
and it reveals as follows.

  • Quick Reaction
    Improving the performance of Friction Material
    for quick and stable braking
  • Smooth Braking
    Optimum Friction Material and Design
    for Smooth & Silent Braking
  • Close Control
    Close Process & Quality Control by ISO/TS16949
  • Long Life Span
    Extension of Life Span by continuous quality improvement
  • Reasonable Price
    Reasonable Pricing by steady efforts of cost reduction